Your skin, the canvas for a masterpiece.

Welcome to Yellow Rose Henna. We spread love and happiness.

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30 Minutes Individual Appointment
Ideal for multiple contemporary designs, 2 to 3 simple hand designs, or a medium sized intricate hand design.
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60 Minutes Individual Appointment
Perfect for detailed and intricate hand designs, bridal hennas and belly blessings.
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Party & Event Appointment
Perfect for baby showers, weddings, religious festivals, birthdays, girls’ night out, and school or corporate events.
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Henna Paste Cone (5 units)
$ 50.00 USD
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Henna Paste Cone (3 units)
$ 30.00 USD
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Henna Paste Cone (1 unit)
$ 10.00 USD
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"I guarantee you, this is the BEST henna in San Diego. It’s like getting henna from your best friend"

Jennifer Kinney

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